4 Popular Parquet Flooring Patterns

Jun 26, 2023
Parquet Flooring Patterns

Parquet flooring is among the most liked types of wood flooring. Trending for its wide variety of designs, it has been the most appreciated and recognized type for ages. Parquet floors are special for the intricacy of the placement of wooden planks arranged in geometric patterns.

There are a plethora of patterns that you can create with beautifully placed wooden pieces. Some of them are standard, evergreen designs and others can be creatively designed for a unique pattern. If you have also decided to opt for this sophisticated and elegant flooring type, here are 4 popular parquet flooring patterns for you.

1. Herringbone

There is no parquet design that can beat the style of herringbone. Being one of the oldest, it’s been beating the competition by still being the most popular parquet flooring pattern.

Talking about its pattern, it is designed with equally sized, small rectangular wooden planks that are placed in a sophisticated manner. They are arranged in such a way that the end of every plank meets the side of the other. The fitting of the parquet flooring blocks is done in a way resembling a fishbone-like structure and thus, named herringbone.

Moreover, this pattern can make smaller areas appear more compact. So, it is suitable for spacious rooms to fully appreciate its pattern.

Parquet Flooring Patterns

It has a variety of versions in its pattern. The single wooden plank, when replaced with two, it becomes double herringbone. This is an elevated look to the single herringbone, attracting more focus to the design.

Further, this pattern can be placed in any direction of the room. It could be parallel to the walls or diagonal across the room.

This design gives apparent movement to your floors along with reflecting a very detailed wooden work amongst all. And this is the reason why it is considered to be a royal addition to a home.

2. Brickwork Pattern

The name here is self-explanatory. The wooden planks are placed to form a brickwork-like structure. The blocks are laid as the bricks are stacked for a wall. With each block having two block meeting with each other from above and below, it’s a basic design in parquetry.

Parquet Flooring Patterns

Unlike herringbone, this is the simplest yet elegant type of parquet flooring pattern. So if you want to show the beauty of parquetry and yet remain simple, this is the ideal pattern.

However, despite its simplicity, it never misses to amaze users by fitting in all kinds of interiors. Also, they provide the freedom to use them in varying lengths and colors along with amazing combinations with other patterns.

3. Basket Weave

It’s a popular parquet pattern mimicking a basket with interwoven horizontal and vertical strands. With horizontal and vertical wood blocks going in opposite directions, it is a unique play of geometry on floors.

Parquet Flooring Patterns

A basketweave pattern is usually created in a single shade of color. However, you can also consider arranging two different colors for each direction for an elevated interwoven look. In addition to that, you can also place a square block between each group of interwoven blocks.

Again, like most other patterns, you can wish to create it parallelly or diagonally in your rooms. Also, it’s an ideal choice in narrow spaces of your home as it helps elongate the floor with its looks.

4. Chevron

This pattern is approximately similar to herringbone but is a more complex one. Instead of rectangles, the wooden blocks are given the shape of a parallelogram. The end of each meets that of another, creating a leafy zigzag pattern with arrows.

Each individual piece of wood needs to be cut at the correct angle. This requires more artistry and detailing as compared to any other parquet pattern.

Parquet Flooring Patterns

Further, you have a variety of options for colors and shades along with any direction to make the pattern flow. This design has withstood all the trends of wooden floors and is an evergreen & popular parquet flooring pattern.

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