Common Wood Floor Problems and How to Fix Them

Dec 8, 2023
Common Wood Floor Problems and How to Fix Them

Hardwood floors exude class and elegance. They are also durable and easy to clean, making them a perfect addition to any home. But that doesn’t mean hardwood floors don’t have any issues.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common hardwood floor issues that can pop up from time to time. We will also discuss the best ways to tackle these problems to help you maintain your beautiful hardwood flooring.

Common Wood Floor Problems and Their Solutions

1. Dents and Scratches

Dents and scratches are common wood flooring problems that happen when you move furniture without lifting and due to daily wear and tear.


A simple way to prevent dents on your floor is to attach furniture pads on the furniture legs. That way, even dragging them won’t cause scratches. To fix the existing dents, use a wood touch-up stick or lightly sand the area using a steel wool pad and refinish with a water-based stain.

2. Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are another common occurrence on hardwood floors due to daily use and when people walk on your floor with shoes on. These unsightly blemishes make your entire floor look bad.


Enforcing a strict no-shoe policy can help you keep scuff marks at bay. Also, you can use a pencil eraser and tennis ball to scrub the scuff marks from the floor. Just rub them vigorously over the scruffed areas until you remove them completely.

3. Gaps

Gapping occurs when you install the wood floor during periods of high humidity, as the climate causes the wood to expand. But when the humidity decreases, the air dries out, causing the boards to shrink and creating a wide gap between them.


You can prevent gaping by acclimatising the wood planks to the atmosphere before installing them. After installation, monitor the humidity levels in your home regularly and keep the conditions stable to avoid gapping. You can also use different types of fillers for minor gap filling.

4. Crowning

Crowning is when the corners of a wood plank turn downwards, and the middle portion raises upwards in an arch. It occurs when the floor comes in contact with excess moisture on the surface. High humidity can also contribute to the issue.


You should avoid mopping your floor using too much water to prevent crowning. Moreover, do not let your kids and guests walk on the floor with muddy shoes. If your floor is already showing signs of crowning, rent a commercial dehumidifier to absorb the excess moisture in the air. Wait for a few weeks to let the issue resolve by itself.

5. Cupping

Cupping is similar to crowning but in the opposite direction. Instead of plank borders going downwards, they raise, resulting in a sink forming at the centre of the wood board.


Cupping occurs due to excess moisture in the subfloor. So, first, you should figure out the source of water damage and address it. Also, fix any inadequately sealed areas like garages, basements and other crawl spaces to prevent excess humidity and restore your water-damaged hardwood floors.

6. Fading

Over time, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause fading on your hardwood floor. It will make your entire flooring look bad and take away its appeal.


You can block out the sun rays by drawing the blinds and curtains during the afternoon or using transparent black blinds. But for faded floors, you have to clean the area thoroughly and use a touch-up stick to fix minor imperfections.

7. Peeling Finish

If you have noticed your finish peeling off in certain areas, it may be due to improper sanding, as over-sanding can lead to improper finish application. Similarly, applying the finish before the floor dries can result in it peeling afterwards.


you have to get your floor sanded and refinished to fix the issue. It will ensure the finish will stick without any outside hindrance from stains, oil and waxes.

Moreover, hiring skilled professionals to refinish your hardwood floor will ensure proper application of the finish, as they will choose the right finish for your floor depending on the type and needs.

Bottom Line

Although beautiful and long-lasting, hardwood floors can have many problems, as listed in this article. But all of these issues can be sorted with proper preventive measures and attention to detail while refinishing your floor. With these measures, you can care for your floor properly and maintain its charm for a long time.

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