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Dust Free Floor Sanding

Avoiding Prospect Of a Dusty Atmosphere

That dreaded dust… the inevitable consequence of sanding away those old layers of dirt, paint, and sealants from your Exquisite Floor Sanding Quotewooden floor.

If the prospect of a dusty atmosphere – or lingering coats of dust – is putting you off arranging a much-needed restoration for your wooden floors, then let us set your minds to rest.

A modern floor sander has dust-capturing bags to reduce the amount of dust released into the air. Our regular floor restoration service does minimize this dust – although a small amount of the dust remains and will settle down 4 – 8 hours after the completion of the service.

Corners and awkward areas have to be finished by hand – releasing more dust. And further dust may be released during the buffing of the floors.

This amount of dust is invisible to the human eye and is usually removed when the floors are next maintained: swept, vacuumed, and cleaned.

100% dust free…

If you need to have a more immediate dustfree environment, we have the solution. Our 100% dust fee floor sanding service is available for areas of floor restoration larger than 30 sq. metres.

Here at Sanding Wood Floors we have restored hundreds of wooden floors for over twenty years – in all kinds of domestic and commercial settings. We have tested a variety of machines – and are convinced that do the best job you need the best equipment:

Our innovative solution is attached to our sanders: it uses a powerful extraction unit with two-step cyclonic course and HEPA separation filters.

All this provides cleaner and faster sanding, with no dust escaping into the working environment.

Dust free floor sanding is ideal for:


Areas highly sensitive to dust, such as museums and galleries

Educational establishments, such as schools and universities
Public areas that need to be reopened quickly.
Restaurants and hotels.
Residential properties with larger premises.
A beautiful new surface lies in waiting. So call us today for your free assessment. We’ll give you the best advice for the needs of your particular floor.