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Gap Filling With Strips

Floor Restoration – Gap Filling With Strips

Being a natural material, wood can expand and contract in response to humidity and the passage of the seasons. Gaps often disappear in wooden floors during winter as the humidity increases in centrally-heated properties. They appear again as the warmth of summer takes effect.

For some timber types, modest gaps are useful when a floor is laid as they allow boards to expand without buckling or warping. Depending on your point of view, larger gaps are an unsightly nuisance or a natural part of the floor that adds character. Sanding Wood Floors is using mainly natural eco-friendly finishes by Osmo, Blanchon, Bona, and Junckers providing kids and pets safe floors.

Filling the gaps provides an even, uniform appearance. It also helps to prevent draughts, particularly on the ground floor.

Gap filling is often performed as part of a total floor restoration. A specialist floor sanding company will refit the floorboards of your floor – nailing down any that are loose in order to limit this natural movement.

For very wide or numerous gaps, it may be best to reposition the boards – or replace those that are too damaged or don’t fit.

Small gaps are filled with resin, while wider gaps can be filled with strips of reclaimed pine, which are hammered and glued in. Sanding and sealing can then take place to create a uniform finish.

Do note that no floor sanding company can provide a guarantee for gap filling. The wood strips can loosen and the resin can crack.

For all your flooring needs, call on Sanding Wood Floors. Make use of our twenty years in the floor restoration business. We’ve restored hundreds of floors from every level of condition – in all kinds of commercial and domestic settings.