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Hearth Removal

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Time To Remove That Old Hearth

Your wooden floor may be in fine condition and look impressive – but that unused hearth in front of your chimney breast is a concrete eyesore.

It spoils the continuity of the floor…

So put up with it no longer!

Call on Sanding Wood Floors to remove it and fill the space with matching boards.

Or allow us to do the job as part of the complete sanding and restoration required for your old and damaged floor.

We will:

Break up the hearth
Install joist work

Lift and stagger the original boards


Fill the gap with reclaimed material for a neat and imperceptible finish.

Whatever your kind of floor – hardwood, softwood, parquet, mosaic – we can make it harmonious, smooth and complete.

Once the area is sanded and sealed – all traces of that old hearth will no longer exist. Call us today for your free assessment.

For hearth removal – or to restore the whole floor.