How Much Does it Cost to Sand a Floor in London?

Mar 15, 2024
How Much Does it Cost to Sand a Floor in London?

You may consider professional floor sanding to keep your wood floor beautiful and durable. An exhaustive list of companies offer the same in London at various prices. So, to ensure that you spend as needed, it is essential to know the factors affecting the cost of floor sanding and the cost of each service offered under it. Our blog post will guide you with that.

Factors Influencing The Prices of Floor Sanding

⇒ The state of the wood

If your floor is in poor condition, like being worn out, broken, or faded, you will have to pay more for gap filling, oil, lacquering, staining, and repairs as they are needed to restore its look and durability.

⇒ The size

The price you will pay is directly proportional to the size of your flooring. A higher area(square metres) requires more work, increasing the cost of sanding.

⇒ Wood type

Not all wood types are alike. Softer woods like pine are susceptible to damage during sanding, requiring extra care. This may result in additional charges.

On the other hand, harder woods like oak are more durable, requiring comparatively less care during sanding.

⇒ Specialised services 

Finishes like oiling, lacquering, and services like staining and others incur additional charges.

Floor Sanding Prices

⇒ Only sanding(per m2)

Sanding involves removing the previous layer of finishes and stains, followed by sanding and smoothing the wood below. It will typically cost you between £ 15-25.

⇒ Extra coats of lacquer, oil, and varnish ( per m2)

You can add extra layers of these chemicals to the wood to improve its durability and give it your desired look. Protective finishes usually are priced in the range of £2-5.

⇒ Gap Filling(Saw dust,resin mix, pine filling)

Your floor can be made even and durable by filling its gaps with wood putty, sawdust, resin mix, and pine filling by paying between £2.5-25.00.

⇒ Furniture moving(per hour)

This involves moving your furniture before and after the sanding process. It costs between £30-100.

⇒ Sanding and hard wax oil

Applying hard wax oil to your floor after sanding it enhances its beauty and durability. You can expect to pay £8-25 for these services.

⇒ Additional labour(per hour)

Extra work like reparations, carpet removal, and preparation processes on average cost £25-45 per hour.

Summing up

This post explained the pricing of floor sanding, its services in London, and the factors influencing the rates. We hope this post helps you choose the services you need for your floor within your budget.

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