How to Protect High Traffic Areas on Hardwood Floors?

Apr 8, 2024
How to Protect High Traffic Areas on Hardwood Floors?

The unmatched durability and aesthetics of hardwood floors can’t be denied. And since they are such precious additions to our homes, providing proper care and upkeep is a must. That is especially applicable to certain areas that face way more exposure to dirt and grit than others.

These are high-traffic areas that often need more attention and care to stay protected. Read on for some effective ways to protect the high-traffic areas of your hardwood floors. Just a bit of extra care would go a long way in preserving their charm.

5 Ways To Safeguard Hardwood Floors In High-Traffic Areas

⇒ Trap dirt and grit with mats

When it comes to hardwood floors, especially the high-traffic zones, incoming dirt is the biggest enemy. To minimise entry and exposure to the dirt, use runner rugs and door mats wherever needed.

Preferably on entrances and throughout the walking spaces, these coverings will trap the dirt and protect your floors from getting dirty quickly. Besides that, they are also a great way to soundproof your wood floors.

⇒ Avoid walking with stilettos or shoes on

Another essential way to reduce damage to your high-traffic areas is to limit or restrict the entry of footwear inside your home. Shoes can bring in tons of outside dirt which can result in scuff marks on your floors. You should especially avoid wearing high-heeled footwear like stilettos to protect your hardwood floors from damage and scratches.

⇒ Sweep or dust mop daily

Being exposed to dirt every so often, high-traffic areas will need more frequent cleaning too. So, make sure you clean your floors on a regular basis. This helps prevent the collection of dirt and keeps them clean for longer, protecting them from excess wear and tear.

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) suggests maintaining your wood floors by sweeping or dust mopping on a daily basis. Moreover, prefer monthly damp-mopping with a safe, pH-neutral cleaner and deep clean them annually with the help of professionals.

⇒ Clean up spills quickly

Besides dirt, one thing that you should protect your wood floors from is spills. Whether it is a food stain or pet urine on wood floors, tackle them as soon as possible. Keeping them untreated for a long time will not just allow seepage but also harm the finish with staining.

So, keep a bunch of paper towels ready to blot and clean them right away. Prompt action will do a lot to keep your high-traffic areas safe and spotless in the long run.

⇒ Refinish periodically

When the heavy-traffic zones of your hardwood floors face constant traffic and exposure to dirt, the finish of these areas wears off sooner than others. So, ensure periodic refinishing as per your hardwood floor type, every three to five years to maintain them well. This will protect them from spills and stains and won’t let your floors age quickly.

Wrapping Up

Protecting high-traffic areas on hardwood floors isn’t a heavy task. With some care and attention, you can keep them looking great for a long time. Some ways to do so include placing rugs and mats, avoiding walking with shoes indoors. Moreover, a regular cleaning routine and periodic refinishing will also help a lot in safeguarding the high-traffic zones effectively.

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