Professional Parquet Floor Restoration Services

Sep 24, 2023

Reviving the Beauty: Professional Parquet Floor Restoration Services

Parquet flooring is a timeless choice for many homeowners, boasting both sophistication and durability. Over the years, however, even the finest parquet floors can succumb to wear and tear, fading, and damage. If your beautiful parquet flooring has seen better days, fret not. Professional parquet floor restoration services can bring it back to its former glory.

Parquet flooring, known for its intricate patterns and enduring charm, remains a sought-after choice for many. However, the passage of time can render this classic flooring dull and worn out. Enter the realm of professional parquet floor restoration services, a solution that promises to rekindle the lost lustre and aesthetics of your cherished floors.

What is parquet flooring?

Before delving into the restoration process, let’s understand parquet flooring. Parquet floors are crafted using geometric mosaics of hardwood. These designs range from simple squares and rectangles to intricate stars and patterns. Traditionally, this flooring was hand-set, making it a true labor of love.

Parquet Floor Restoration Services

Signs Your Parquet Floor Needs Restoration

  1. Discoloration: Sunlight, spills, or age can fade the wood, leading to uneven colours.
  2. Scratches and scuffs are common in high-traffic areas.
  3. Water damage shows up as dark stains or warped boards.
  4. Loose or Missing Blocks: Resulting from the wood contracting or expanding

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to consult a professional.

Parquet Floor Restoration Services

Benefits of Professional Parquet Floor Restoration

Renewed Aesthetics

A fresh and gleaming floor can transform the appearance of a room. The charm of freshly restored wood brings warmth and elegance.


Restoration also extends the life of the floor, ensuring you enjoy its beauty for years to come.


Compared to replacing the entire floor, restoration is significantly more affordable.

Environmentally Friendly

Restoring means you’re reusing what you already have, cutting down on waste.

Increased home value

Well-maintained hardwood floors, especially the intricate designs of parquet, can significantly boost your home’s market value. Prospective buyers often appreciate the charm and elegance that such floors bring to a property.

Customization Opportunities

During the restoration process, homeowners have the chance to modify the appearance of their floor. Whether it’s a slight shade alteration or a change in finish (from glossy to matte, for instance), restoration provides an opportunity to redefine the floor’s aesthetics.

Allergen reduction

Older floors can become breeding grounds for allergens, dust mites, and other microscopic pests. A thorough professional restoration can eliminate these, providing a cleaner, healthier environment.

Noise reduction

Worn-out floors or loose parquet blocks can become squeaky or cause unwanted noise. A professional restoration tightens and secures everything, reducing or eliminating these disturbances.

Expert Advice

When you engage professionals for floor restoration, you also gain access to their wealth of knowledge. They can offer guidance on the best products to use, maintenance tips, and suggestions tailored to your specific floor type and environment.

Enhanced Longevity

By addressing not only surface-level imperfections but also underlying issues, professional restoration can extend the life of your parquet floor. With the right treatment and care, your floor might not require another restoration for many years.

Environmental Responsibility

Restoring rather than replacing is a more sustainable choice. You’re conserving resources by reusing existing materials, reducing the demand for new hardwood, and cutting down on waste that ends up in landfills.

Peace of mind

Knowing that experienced professionals have handled the restoration gives homeowners peace of mind. There’s a certain reassurance in understanding that every aspect of the job has been addressed meticulously.

Parquet Floor Restoration Services

The Parquet Floor Restoration Process

Professional restoration typically follows these steps:

1. Inspection and Assessment

Experts begin by assessing the damage to determine the work required.

2. Cleaning

The floor is cleaned to remove dirt, dust, and any contaminants.

3. Repairing

Damaged or loose blocks are secured or replaced.

4. Sanding

This process removes the old finish, along with any superficial scratches and stains.

5. Staining (if desired)

While some prefer the natural hue of their wood, staining can alter the colour to the client’s preference.

6. Sealing and Finishing

This protective layer ensures durability and gives the floor a glossy or matte finish.

Parquet Floor Restoration Services

Why hire a professional?

While DIY kits are available, parquet floor restoration requires skill and precision. Here’s why professionals are preferred:

  1. Expertise: They possess the necessary knowledge and experience.
  2. Specialised Tools: Professionals have access to tools that ensure the job is done right.
  3. Time-efficient: They can complete the job faster and with less mess.
  4. Guaranteed Results: Mistakes in DIY projects can be costly, both in time and money.
Parquet Floor Restoration Services

Maintenance Tips Post-Restoration

To keep your newly restored floor looking its best:

  1. Frequent Sweeping: This prevents scratches from debris.
  2. Promptly Clean Spills: Water and other liquids can damage the wood.
  3. Use protective pads. Place these under furniture to prevent scuffs.
  4. Regular polishing: This maintains the floor’s sheen.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight: UV rays can fade the wood. Use blinds or curtains to protect your floor.


Parquet floors are a timeless addition to any home, reflecting class and history. With time, however, they can show signs of wear. Thankfully, professional parquet floor restoration services can rejuvenate these exquisite floors, making them as good as new. If your parquet floor is showing signs of age or damage, consider restoration over replacement. With the right care, these floors can be a beautiful centrepiece in your home for generations to come.

The grandeur of parquet flooring deserves preservation, and restoration stands as a testament to its enduring appeal. By investing in professional parquet floor restoration services, not only do you breathe life back into your floors, but you also embrace a sustainable and cost-effective approach. Remember, a beautifully restored parquet floor is more than just an aesthetic delight; it’s a tribute to timeless elegance and craftsmanship.


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