Reasons For Dustfree Wood Floor Sanding

Feb 29, 2024
Reasons For Dustfree Wood Floor Sanding

When you want to refinish your floors, you have two options to choose from: traditional sanding and dust-free sanding. While traditional sanding is a popular option and cheaper, dust-free sanding is better in many ways.

In this blog, we will explore why you should opt for dust-free sanding and how it is better for your floor and health. So check out the reasons for dust-free wood floor sanding.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dustfree Wood Floor Sanding

1. Less Cleanup

In the traditional method, you have to deal with all the dirt and debris generated during sanding when you finish sanding. It leads to increased cleaning efforts before you can apply a finish to your floor.

A major benefit of dust-free sanding is that it doesn’t require extensive cleanup afterwards. The equipment used for dust-free sanding cleans up the dirt along with sanding, which reduces the overall time and reduces the effort.

2. Reduced Health Issues

The dirt and dust generated during sanding can cause allergies and other breathing issues. It poses a huge risk to the health of your family members and pets, especially those who suffer from regular allergies and asthma.

However, dust-free sanding for allergy and asthma sufferers prevents this by absorbing 90% of dust from sanding. It prevents the dirt from becoming airborne and protects the internal air quality of your space. Due to this, there is less risk of diseases and allergies during sanding.

3. Safer Sanding

Sanding can be risky, as it exposes you to the dust particles in the air. Without proper safety gear, it can lead to many issues, such as difficulty in breathing and eye irritation.

The tools used in dust-free sanding have attached vacuum bags that suck in the dirt and debris simultaneously with the sanding. It protects the sander from the harmful effects of dirt and ensures effective sanding.

4. Better Efficiency

Dust-free sanding techniques not only remove dirt but also significantly improve efficiency. The advanced equipment used in this method gives your flooring a flawless finish, as it pays attention to the little details of your floor during sanding.

It reduces the sanding imperfections and optimises the sanding with minimal wastage. It also cuts the labour requirements and reduces the overall time of the projects, increasing efficiency.

5. Safe for Environment

The dust created during sanding is not only a toxin but also a cause of pollution. It reduces the IAQ of homes and affects the indoor environment. It also generates excess waste you can’t recycle, leading to increased pollution.

This method sustainably reduces the airborne dust particles and generates less waste than the traditional sanding method. Dust-free sanding also requires less electricity, as it finishes the job in less time, saving resources.

Get Effective Dust-Free Sanding With Us

At Sanding Wood Floors, our skilled experts provide the best dust-free sanding. We have the latest equipment and years of experience to back us up in providing your floor with a flawless and sustainable finish. You can contact us at 0800 955 0015 to book your service.

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