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If there is ever a set of wooden floors that take a bashing from the over-enthusiastic feet of the young – it’s in a school. The assembly hall and gymnasium are the prime sufferers.

So what is the solution for a battered floor? If your school building is more than fifty years old, the larger rooms are most likely to have either parquet or hardwood floors. Both of these are expensive to replace completely.

Vinyl or laminate may seem an affordable option in these financially-straitened times but your choice goes beyond replacing with traditional or cheaper – and far less durable – materials. You can save money by having your floors restored to their original beauty – no matter how poor their condition. Whether hardwood boards or parquet blocks, the restoration will provide a beautiful and durable floor – at a price you can afford.

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What you get:

We’ll come and assess your floor – looking at its current state, previous history, and degree of use.

Then we’ll give you the options for a floor to meet your budget and specific needs. The price quoted is what you pay – with no hidden extras.

school floor sanding London

Why use us?

The Sanding Wood Floors is a family business that has restored hundreds of floors – of all kinds – for over twenty years. All our flooring teams are trained both to the highest standard of workmanship and in the use of the very latest hi-tech equipment.

Sanding may appear to be a straightforward job, but it should never be undertaken by non-professionals. Apart from the risks of damaging the floor, the untrained eye can miss small flaws in the timber. When left untreated, these tend to become enlarged when the sealant is applied. And ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful floor.

All our work is fully guaranteed.

At the Sanding Wood Floors, we believe in integrity, customer satisfaction and ethical work practice – as demonstrated by our customer service pledge.

school floor sanding London

The work itself:

We aim to minimize disruption, so working during the school vacation allows us to devote the necessary time.

We repair, relay, or replace damaged boards and blocks, finding as close a match as possible.

Dust and mess? Our modern sanding machines have dust collectors that ensure a minimal amount of residual dust and debris. We also restrict its spread by sealing doors and windows – and by frequent vacuuming.

school floor sanding London

We aim to:

  • Produce the highest quality work on every job.
  • Work within your budget with no hidden costs or hiked-up prices.
  • Offer the most cost-effective solution. School Floor Sanding
    work diligently and quietly without disturbing the running of the school.
  • Offer professional advice on maintaining your floor for optimum lifespan.
  • Offer complimentary maintenance products for the longevity of your floor.