The Benefits of VOC-Free and Low-VOC Floor Finishes

Sep 30, 2023

Exploring the Advantages of VOC-Free and Low-VOC Floor Finishes

The discussion around indoor air quality and the health of our environment has gained significant traction in recent years. At the forefront of this conversation is the topic of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As homeowners, designers, and builders search for healthier and more sustainable options, VOC-free and low-VOC floor finishes have emerged as an excellent solution. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the many benefits of these finishes, emphasising why they’re a top choice for modern homes.

1. What are VOCs?

Before diving into the benefits of VOC-free and low-VOC floor finishes, it’s essential to understand what VOCs are. Volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at room temperature. This means they can evaporate or off-gas into the indoor environment, contributing to indoor air pollution. They’re commonly found in many household products, including paints, solvents, and floor finishes.

Low-VOC Floor Finishes

2. Health Benefits of VOC-Free and Low-VOC Floor Finishes

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality
    Traditional floor finishes release VOCs into the air for days, weeks, or even months after application. By using a low-VOC or VOC-free finish, you significantly reduce or eliminate this off-gassing, leading to healthier indoor air.
  2. Reduced Allergic Reactions
    People with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions can be particularly sensitive to VOCs. Low-VOC and VOC-free finishes can mitigate potential triggers, making your home a more comfortable space for everyone.
  3. Less Odour
    One immediate benefit that many homeowners appreciate is the reduced odour during and after application. Unlike conventional finishes that can have a strong, lingering smell, VOC-free options tend to have a more subtle or even nonexistent scent.
Low-VOC Floor Finishes

3. Environmental Benefits

  1. Reduced Ozone Depletion
    VOCs play a role in ozone layer depletion. By choosing a finish with lower VOC content, you’re making an environmentally conscious decision that contributes to the planet’s overall health.
  2. Decreased Smog Formation
    When VOCs react with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight, they contribute to ground-level ozone formation, leading to smog. Reducing VOC emissions is a step towards a cleaner, smog-free environment.
  3. Sustainable Choices
    Many VOC-free and low-VOC floor finishes are also made with sustainable and renewable resources, further reducing their environmental impact.

4. Performance and aesthetics

  1. Durability
    One might think that by opting for an eco-friendlier finish, they’re sacrificing quality. However, many VOC-free and low-VOC finishes offer excellent durability, protecting floors from scratches, stains, and wear.
  2. A Wide Range of Finishes
    From matte to glossy, there’s no shortage of aesthetic choices when it comes to low-VOC options. Homeowners can achieve the look they desire without compromising on health or environmental concerns.
  3. Faster drying times
    Some VOC-free and low-VOC finishes have quicker drying times compared to their traditional counterparts, allowing for faster project completion.

5. Cost-Efficiency

While some VOC-free finishes might come with a slightly higher upfront cost, they often prove to be cost-effective in the long run. The reduction in health risks, the possibility of lower medical bills, fewer repaints or touch-ups due to durability, and the potential increase in property value when marketing a home as eco-friendly can all offset the initial investment.

Low-VOC Floor Finishes

6. Choosing the Right Floor Finish for Your Home

If you’re convinced of the benefits of VOC-free or low-VOC floor finishes, the next step is to choose the right one for your needs. Consider factors like:

  • Type of flooring: Whether you have hardwood, concrete, or another type of floor will determine the best finish.
  • Desired aesthetic: From the sheen level to coloration, there are numerous options available.
  • Budget: While investing in a high-quality finish is advisable, there are options available at various price points.
Low-VOC Floor Finishes

7. VOC-Free and Low-VOC Floor Finishes in Commercial Spaces

While homeowners are gradually recognising the value of VOC-free and low-VOC finishes, commercial spaces are not far behind. Businesses, particularly those in the hospitality and healthcare sectors, are adopting these finishes to cater to a clientele that values health and sustainability. Here’s why:

  1. Enhanced Brand Image
    Incorporating eco-friendly and health-conscious elements into a business’s infrastructure can significantly bolster its brand image. Customers and clients appreciate businesses that demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility and the well-being of their patrons.
  2. Increased employee productivity and well-being
    Better indoor air quality can lead to fewer health complaints from employees. This can translate into fewer sick days, higher energy levels, and improved productivity. A comfortable and healthy work environment can also contribute to employee retention and satisfaction.
  3. Regulatory Benefits
    As environmental regulations become more stringent, businesses that have already made the shift to low-VOC finishes may find themselves ahead of the curve, avoiding potential fines or retrofitting costs down the road.

8. The Role of Certifications

If you’re considering making the switch to VOC-free or low-VOC finishes, looking for certifications can be an excellent way to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product. Here are a few notable ones:

  1. Green Seal
    The Green Seal is a globally recognised certification that emphasises sustainability and health. Products with this seal meet rigorous performance, health, and environmental criteria.
  2. Indoor Advantage Gold
    This certification focuses on indoor air quality and ensures that products meet strict emission levels for VOCs.
  3. FloorScore
    Specifically for flooring products, FloorScore certification guarantees that the floor product is tested and compliant with indoor air quality standards.

Seeking out products with these certifications can give homeowners and businesses added assurance about the safety, quality, and environmental responsibility of the finishes they choose.

9. The Broader Picture: VOCs and Global Trends

VOC-free and low-VOC floor finishes are just a part of a broader global movement towards eco-friendly and health-conscious choices in construction and interior design. From wall paints to furniture, the reduction of VOCs is becoming a universal trend. This growing consciousness signifies a collective effort to create safer living and working environments while taking concrete steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. By understanding and participating in this shift, individuals and businesses can play a part in a larger global narrative of positive change.

Low-VOC Floor Finishes


The shift towards healthier living spaces and a more sustainable planet is evident in the rise of VOC-free and low-VOC Wood floor finishes. Not only do these finishes offer significant health benefits by improving indoor air quality and reducing allergens, but they also have a lower environmental impact. By making this informed choice, homeowners can enjoy beautiful, durable floors while knowing they’re doing their part for both their family’s health and the environment. As the demand for such products grows, it’s clear that the future of floor finishing is leaning towards greener, cleaner, and more sustainable practices.


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