Tips To Prevent Wood Floors From Fading Over Time

Aug 23, 2023
Tips To Prevent Wood Floors From Fading Over Time

Wood floors are known for their natural beauty. However, it’s a photosensitive flooring material that is prone to fading over time. That is majorly because of its exposure to the sun. The UV rays in the sunlight can damage the colour of the wood floors with prolonged exposure.

But you can certainly prevent your wood floors from fading with some proactive steps. Here are some tips to help you out.

5 Tips To Prevent Wood Floors From Fading

1. Keep Shifting The Furniture

When certain areas of your floors remain constantly covered under your furniture, it’s only the exposed areas that get the most fading.

For even sun exposure, you should periodically shift your furniture and rugs to prevent wood floors from fading. This will keep the colour of your wood floors remain the same across your entire room.

You can also place the furniture in those areas which get the most sunlight so it blocks it from reaching your floors.

2. Pull Drapes And Curtains

Another way to prevent your wood floors from fading is by closing the curtains, blinds, and drapes to reduce the entry of UV rays and protect them from falling directly over your wood floors.

You can also have the horizontal blinds angled upwards to allow the rays to fall on the walls and ceiling instead of the floors.

3. Get Window Film

Installing window film to reduce the passage of UV rays through them is a great way to protect your wood floors from direct sunlight. The film only allows light to enter while blocking the UV rays to enter.

You can also invest in Low-E (low emissivity) glass and exterior awnings to reduce the exposure of your wood floors to direct sun rays.

4. Refinish With UV Resistance

A finish on the wood floors helps protect them from damage; the sun damage too. There are many wood floor finishings available in the market, and some even contain UV inhibitors. That slows down the fading and protects it from sun rays.

Moreover, regular refinishing every few years is also crucial to avoid damage and fading to your floors.

5. Prevent From Heat and Moisture

In addition to protecting from the sun, it is important to note that wood floors also fade due to excess heat and moisture along with UV rays. That is why, you should also make sure your floors are not open to excess moisture.

Also, keep them protected from heat such as areas around your fireplace that can be covered with rugs to prevent the chances of fading.

Summing Up

Sun rays are the major concern when it comes to preventing wood floors from fading over time. You can reduce its exposure by shifting the furniture from time to time and closing the blinds, drapes, and curtains to defend your floors from UV rays.

Getting the window film and low-E glass installed can also block the sun rays from entering through your windows.

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