Tips to Remove Water Stains From Wood Floors in London

Aug 10, 2023
Tips to Remove Water Stains From Wood Floors in London

London homes are fond of wood floors. They are just perfect to lift your home’s appearance to the next level. But we all know water and wood are natural enemies of each other. So it is no less than frustrating to find a watermark stained over your beautiful wood floors.

Whether it is a white, cloudy water stain or a dark and deeper one, our pros at Sanding Wood Floors know how to tackle them. And that’s why here are some tips to get those stains out of your wood floors and get their spotless look back.

Effective Tips to Remove Water Stains From Wood Floors

⇒ Clothes Iron

Take a cotton cloth, and place it on the water stain on the affected wooden surface. Now bring in the clothes iron and plug it in to let it first heat on the lowest level. Once it’s heated, unplug it and then move it over the stain covered with the cloth.

Do it as long as the stain does not vanish, or reheat it as needed to remove water stains from wood floors.

We suggest using plain cloth to avoid transferring prints to the wood.

⇒ A Hairdryer

Just like iron, this method also works by evaporating the water stain with heat. Move the hairdryer on the lowest setting over the stain and keep moving back and forth. Most white, cloudy water stains will go away with its heat, and you’ll get your spotless wood floor back.

⇒ Mayonnaise

Take a soft cotton cloth and apply some mayonnaise or petroleum jelly. Dab the water stain with this cloth and place it there for at least 2 to 3 hours, or you can also leave it overnight.

The oil in these substances will absorb the water stain, and you can wipe it up later with a clean cloth.

⇒ Toothpaste

You can also use white, non-gel toothpaste to remove water stains from wood floors. Take a generous amount on a cloth, and rub it over the stain in the wood grain’s direction.

Keep going gently and soon, you’ll see the water stain disappearing from your floor’s surface.

⇒ Salt Or Baking Soda

Take a teaspoon of baking soda or table salt, and mix it with a few drops of water to make a thick paste. Take a cloth, dip it in this paste, and rub it over the stain to remove the water stains from wood floors.

But be cautious not to use too much water, as you don’t want another water stain while removing one.

⇒ Mineral Oil

Just like mayonnaise, mineral oil works to absorb the water stain from the wood. Just take some mineral oil onto a cloth and try to wipe and rub the stain with it.

After rubbing for a few minutes, we advise it’s best to leave the oil applied overnight. Clean the area later to wipe off any excess remains.

⇒ Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirit is known to be among the effective ways to clean wood floors while also removing these watermarks.

Wear hand gloves before working with mineral spirits. Damp a cloth with some mineral spirit and rub the stain for some time. You will see the stain vanishing just as you work with it.

⇒ More Stubborn Stains?

Some stains are easy to work with like those which form a white cloudy mark on your wood floors. They indicate that the water has just gone under the finishing but not into the wood grain.

However, if you see darker stains, it means the moisture has seeped deeper into the wood.

And for such stains, we recommend using commercial, store-bought wood stain removers suitable for your wood floors.

Or you can also opt to sand your floorboards and refinish the stained area to remove such stubborn water stains from wood floors. Moreover, our pros in London can help you with sanding.

Warning: Test the above methods on a hidden area before applying.

Summing Up,

Water stains can be easily removed with some effective tips like mayonnaise, toothpaste, iron or hair dryer, salt, baking soda, mineral oil, and mineral spirits. For more stubborn stains, you will either have to use a store-bought remover or sand your wood floor.

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